We had a busy day.  Harold got off to work once the girls were up.  They got going on school.  I did various things around the house.  I figured up taxes for Josh.  I will walk him through that later.  I spent time reviewing math with Emily.  Josie and I worked on her math, but we did not have time to finish it.  She is working on the three-dimensional graphs.  Those are always harder to plot than the two-dimensional ones.

I was able to do the exercise bike in the morning.  RaeAnne had to be at work at noon.  We tried a new recipe for lunch.  I was wanting to make it for supper Tuesday night, but ran out of time.  The recipe was called Pork fried rice.  It was very good.  We had to leave a little after 4:00.  We dropped Josie off at our friend’s shop and then Emily and I headed into ISU Meridian campus.  They had a special dinner and time for those that were eligible for the Honors Program.  Emily was able to get the information that she needed.  She turned in her application for the Honors Program.  In talking with the people in the nursing program, she found out that she needs to take a math and biology class and lab this summer.  We are hoping that she can take it at CWI and it will transfer if she ends up going to ISU.  The only problem with that is she doesn’t graduate until June 4th.  They may start summer classes before she takes her finals.  We will need to look into that.  We ended up getting home soon after 9:00.  RaeAnne picked up Josie from the church and brought her home. 

3 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Way to go Emily. Sounds like she has a plan for college. Nursing is a good field to go into. My Mom is a RN. You had a busy day but it seems like you got a lot done. I hope you have a great day.


  2. Sorry, I missed the nursing thing, please keep me updated. What a wonderful ambition. This is a field that can come in handy if she is a married lady or not. I hope the classes work our well and that if they do overlap a bit with graduation that Emily will be able to pick them up pretty quick. I wish Emily all the best in seeing the Father’s will for her life in this big transition she is in. *smile* And blessings upon Dad and Mom as you guide her and help her along the path. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

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